Instructor: Dan Ziffer

Join comedian, DJ Sandhu, as he discusses the ins and out of cash in the comedy business. How to make it profitable, how to find money, how to track money, how to report it on your taxes, etc. This is a can't miss class for anyone looking to make the most of their comedy paychecks! 

Followed by LIVE "The 31" Podcast with Brandt Tobler

Would you like to think quickly on your feet, with confidence and composure? Would you like to improve your listening, teamwork and communication skills? Would you like to develop your sense of humor and comic timing? Improv Comedy is the perfect solution to all of these wants and MORE! Intro to Improv with NCT is the perfect way to get started. This class is low stress and high fun. NCT’s professional improv instructors have more than 20 years of performance experience all around the world

Comedy Festival 101: How to make the most of Big Pine


Saturday, September 16th, 11am

Location: FireCreek Coffee

With this workshop, you’ll understand how social media today can be beneficial to you and your comedy career. We’ll start with some basics – posting on social media, groups, and pages, then head into the more difficult and complicated aspects, such as sponsoring posts, booking shows, the business of comedy, and even the theatrics of the business. YOU are your comedy business and social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reach new heights.

A Tight Five: Making the Most of Your Time

Additional Workshop Information Coming Soon

It's Not About You: How to Host a Successful Comedy Show


Stand Up

Sketchy Comedy

Instructors: Gene Moore & Ernesto Ortiz & Special Guests

Friday, September 15th, 10:30am

Location: Southside Tavern

Instructor: Dorian Lenz (NCT Phoenix)

Friday, September 15th, 1pm

Location: Altitudes Bar & Grill 

Friday, September 15th, 2pm

Location: Southside Tavern

Date & Time: TBA

Instructors Buck Newman and Jessie Johnson help you explore the ins and outs of Sketch Comedy. This workshop dives into the important process of brainstorming ideas, drafting a script, setting the scene, performing live, as well as filming and editing video sketches to get them ready for your You Tube fame! Take your passion and give it purpose! 

Date & Time: TBA

Instructors: Jonathan Gregory & Matt Broome

Date & Time: TBA

Podcasting Couch

Comedy Cash

The Big Pine production team is hard at work finalizing out list of workshops and seminars available during the 2017 festival. Below you will find a teaser of some of the options Big Pine has in store. 

We encourage you to check back with us soon for a complete list of festival workshops. 

Join the A Tight Five workshop and learn how to hone your comedic writing into a fast paced, hard hitting, and tight 5 minute set. Work in groups with other festival comedians, and learn how to take your funny ideas and form them into perfectly worded jokes that will work on stage. Bring your material you are currently working on, or start from scratch! This workshop explores how to write jokes on any topic and find the perfect punchline! 

Saturday, September 16th, 1:30pm

Location: Altitudes Bar & Grill 

Instructors: Brandt Tobler (The 31) & Kevin Elliot (Bar Room Heroes)

Instructor: Amy Blackwell 

Instructor: Jack Galvin

A comedy show/workshop providing providing participating comedians instant, constructive, and truthful feedback on their performance, in front of a live audience. Judges focus specifically on Joke Repair and Set Structure to help the advance their material in new ways they may not have considered. The goal of Comedy Triage is to help comedians feel more not less! Some benefits of this show are: 

 Joke Repair: Bring our experienced panel your jokes that are almost there! Have something that needs a little tweak? Want to make the laughs a little harder? Joke Repair will help you punch up your punchlines and take your joke to the next level. 

 Set Structure: Our expert panel will watch your performance with the eyes of an editor and provide constructive suggestions on your set. Perhaps you need to move your opener as your closer, edit down a joke, or expand your joke a little more. 

Comedy Triage is perfect for the comedian stuck in their performance or material. If you’re looking to explore new subjects, this show can help! This show is not designed for the comedians with a huge ego or those who have grown comfortable being stuck. Comedy Triage was created from a place of love and was created to provide resources and advice to help you achieve the most success possible! This is a high energy show that entertains and provides creative treatment to comedians, so that they can kill on stage!

Workshops For Kids

Join festival producers Thursday for a quick How To on making the most of Big Pine! We discuss the producers top festival event picks, how to make the most of your freebies, and answer questions from festival performers. See you at SouthSide!

​Kids Improv Workshop​ (ages 8-15)

Instructors: Buck Newman & Jessie Johnson

Friday, September 15th, 4pm

Location: Altitudes Bar & Grill 

Instructor: Dorian Lenz (NCT Phoenix)

2017 Workshops & Seminars

Short form improv games were created to make actors better.  This workshop explores the ideas behind the creation of those games, to get you to stretch specific comedy muscles, and make you a better well rounded improviser.  

Thursday, September 14th, 5pm

Location: Southside Tavern

Instructor: DJ Sandhu

Instructor: Dorian Lenz (NCT Phoenix)

Funny Business: How to Get Booked 

Intro to Improv: Beginners (ages 16+)

Instructors: Matt Broome (House of Comedy, AZ) and Jack Jr. (Ha Ha Comedy Club, CA)

Sit down with bookers from two national comedy clubs and receive behind the scenes info on how to get booked today! What makes them tick? What are bookers looking for? What turns them off? In addition, we will discuss how not to get banned, and the best practices towards being invited back!

Comedy Triage: Joke Repair

Saturday, September 16th,12:30pm

Location: Southside Tavern

Short Form Circuit Training: 

Using the Skills of Short Form Improv to Make you a Better Performer

Social Media, Comedy, & You

Join comedians Brandt Tobler and Kevin Elliot for the Podcasting Couch workshop. They'll go over the basics and cover what equipment to use and how to get started' and also share marketing tips, how to gain listeners, and what makes a good host and guest. 

Is your kid, outgoing, funny and super quick? Excellent! Improv is a terrific way to sharpen those natural abilities. Is your kid, super smart and funny but somewhat shy? Wonderful! Improv Camp is a wonderful way to come out of the shell in an inclusive and supportive environment. ALL kids get a confidence boost while improving their ability to listen and work with others. PLUS, kids will develop their comedic timing and performance skills. EVERYONE will have fun, laugh, and learn! Our instructors have more than 20 years of performance experience!

Saturday, September 16th, 11am

Location: SouthSide Tavern