Question: What are you looking for in video submission? 

Answer: We want to see something funny! A stand-up video should be no less than five minutes in length. Improv/Sketch videos should be 2-7 minutes. Videos should be hosted on YouTube and be marked non-private. Judges need to be able to easily hear and see your act. Please consider the following when submitting a video:

1. We want to see you. The emcee or host from your video is not submitting. Start with you.

2. Our judges will watch 5 minutes of your stand up video. Only 5. (7 minutes for improv/sketch)

3. Don't waste your time. Don’t save your best material until the end. 

4. We need to be able to view your video. Any submission videos with inactive links, or videos marked to private will be ineligible.

5. We do not accept “Best of” or “Highlight” reels. We won’t even watch them. Seriously.

6. We need to see and hear you. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. We get it. High quality videos are hard to come by. As long as we can hear and see you, phone recordings are ok. Please be sure to turn your phone horizontal. Also, be sure whomever is filming you rests the camera on something steady. Our judges are going to have a hard time voting if you make them sea-sick.