Big Pine Comedy Festival, Inc., is an educational non-profit 501 c (3) organization that is committed to enriching the Arizona arts community and elevating Arizona as one of the leading comedy communities in the nation.  The organization’s new management is focusing on three objectives, which will impact the art community locally, statewide, and nationally:

  1. Stimulate a lifelong understanding and appreciation of the arts by sponsoring classes in art, music and theatre for children in Arizona elementary schools. Pledge 20% of net proceeds to fund these programs.
  2. Increase interest in comedy and live art by featuring established entertainers, attracting larger audiences, and encouraging up-and-coming young comedians. Create a festive environment in which ideas are shared, professional contacts are established, and friendships are formed.
  3. Offer educational seminars, workshops and performance opportunities to novice entertainers and students. Provide internships so students can gain valuable experience in creating, developing, and promoting artistic productions.

The involvement of generous, civic-minded businesses and individuals is vital to the success of this endeavor. Community participation and financial support will enable Big Pine to reach wider audiences, equip new artists with tools and performance experience, and introduce Arizona elementary students to the beauty and value of art, music and theatre. We invite you to get involved and make a considerable difference in the arts community. Big Pine offers opportunities in corporate sponsorships,  ad space in festival brochures and promotional materials, tax deductible donations, and volunteering. Please follow Big Pine here and on social media for information on upcoming community art events and Big Pine volunteer opportunities. For any questions regarding Big Pine community involvement please contact us  here