BiG pine Comedy Festival

Question: How much does it cost to submit to the festival?

Answer: Good question. Submission costs range from $25-$50 and escalate gradually during our open submission period. 

Question: I can’t afford the submission fees but I still want to apply? Is there any way you can help me out?

Answer: YES!! Be sure to add us on Facebook and Instagram. Go now! Seriously! We will have plenty of promotional events and promo codes available throughout submissions.

Question: Do I get a refund if I don't get in?

Answer: Submission fees are non-refundable. 

Question: Do I have to submit clean material?

Answer: Absolutely not! We welcome all versions of comedy from clean to down and dirty. However, if you have a clean set of 10 minutes or more please be sure to check the appropriate box on the submission form. 

Question: Can I submit a "best of reel" for myself or my group?

Answer: No. We encourage you to edit your video to start and end at a certain point, but we currently do not accept any highlight reels or “best of” reels. Please try to begin with you or your team, not a host. 

Question: What types of group acts can submit to the festival?

Answer: All group acts will be considered including Sketch, Long Form Improv, Short Form Improv, Comedy Ensembles and any other Comedy Act with 2 or more people.  

Festival FAQS

Submission Faqs

​​Big Pine FAQS 

Question: What is the Big Pine Comedy Festival?

Answer: A 3-day Comedy Festival in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ featuring 50 comedians. 

In addition, Big Pine Comedy Festival is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Big Pine is committed to providing educational seminars, workshops, performances, and promotions of live art in an effort to enrich the Arizona community.

Question: Who decides who gets into the festival?

Answer: The Big Pine producers have formed a panel of 10 judges that consist of bookers, top local Arizona comedians, and independent comedy show producers. A minimum of 5 members of the Big Pine panel will rate each video submission, and the cumulative scores will determine who will receive the 50 open spots to Big Pine Comedy Festival 2017. In addition, our production team has reserved a few booked spots. 

Question: Will Improv teams/sketch groups will be invited to the festival?

Answer: YES! Please check our submissions page  to submit to Big Pine 2017. The number of Improv & Sketch is to be determined but we estimate there will be 10 groups total.

Question: Do you accept podcast submissions?

Answer: YES! Please check our submission page to submit your podcast now! We will have live podcasts throughout the festival, and hope you will join us. 

Question: Can I submit for a podcast and for stand up? 

Answer: Yes. Please complete a separate submission for each podcast and/or stand up/improv/sketch submission. 

Question: Will industry be invited to the festival?

Answer: Yes. Big Pine is committed to providing as many opportunities to our entertainers as possible. We will be inviting owners and bookers from all of Arizona's major clubs including Rick Bronson's House of Comedy ... as well as bookers, agents and managers from around the country. 
Question: How much stage time will I get?

Answer: Each featured comedian will be guaranteed 1 set on each night they are available during the festival. 

There will be many additional opportunities for stage time throughout the festival depending on availability!! 

Question: Will accommodations be provided?

Answer: YES! Big Pine will provide accommodations for featured festival comedians. Please note most rooms will be shared. 

 If you do not want to share a room, and/or are bringing a significant other to the festival, you must get your own room at your own expense. We will have affordable and discounted rooms available for festival pass holders. If you choose to get your own room, a room voucher will be available. If  you plan to make alternative arrangements please let us know.

Improv/Sketch Groups: Each group will be provided one room during the festival. Rooms must not exceed maximum occupancy. Any additional accommodations needed are at your expense. If no accommodations are needed a cash voucher will be given. 

Podcasts: Accommodations will be provided for the day of your scheduled podcast. Rooms are shared. 

Question: What type of comedians are you looking for?

Answer: We are currently accepting comedians from all stages in the comedy journey. Any comedian who is interested in participating is invited to submit.


Question: I didn't get into the festival but I’m still hoping for stage time. Will there be any opportunities for me?

Answer: Absolutely! Just by being at Big Pine is a great networking opportunity.  We invite you to come to the festival, hop on some of the open mics, attend festival workshops & seminars, and possibly win a spot on a festival showcase that same night. 

In addition, Big Pine needs volunteers. Volunteers receive an opportunity for stage time, a free festival pass including entry to all shows and workshops, and a festival t-shirt. Contact us here if you want volunteer at Big Pine. 

Question: You mean you think I should still come even if I didn't get in? What's in it for me? 

Answer: Being at Big Pine is still a great opportunity for you! Big Pine is a festival for all comedians. You get a FREE festival pass just for applying ... but there's more!  In addition, we have seminars/workshops, networking opportunities, discounts on hotels & restaurants, and much more. We hope to see you there! 

Question: What is Little Pine?

Answer: Little Pine is a comedy competition open to any comic who wants to come to Flagstaff and try and win a spot onto a festival showcase. There will be 2 Little Pine competitions during the festival. Sets for Little Pine will be 3 minutes and if you win Little Pine you will do a festival showcase later the same night. To get booked for Little Pine please contact us now at